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Stop Wasting Your Energy Dollars!

Finance your energy-efficiency home improvements with a HomePlus offered to members of Coastal Electric Cooperative through the Go Energy Financial Credit Union. To receive the lowest interest rate, you can replay the loan with an automatic bank draft. As an added benefit you will become a full-fledged member of the Go Energy Financial Credit Union and can take advantage of all of the services the credit union offers its members such as checking, bank cards, savings and very competitive auto loan programs.

HomePlus loan funds can be used for virtually any qualifying energy efficiency improvement to your home.

Improvements eligible for financing include:

  • Central heat pump and air conditioners
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Solar water heating systems with electric back up
  • Replacement windows, roofs
  • Major residential appliances.

All of these items are required to be Energy Star rated for energy savings. Gas furnaces are
eligible if combined with a heat pump or air conditioner installation. The furnace must also be Energy
Star rate unless it is installed as an auxiliary hear for a dual fuel heat pump system. Additional eligible
improvements include Marathon water heaters, duct work and other HVAC related items as well as
insulation and other weatherization products. Loan items requested, but not listed above, will need
prior approval from Coastal Electric Cooperative. Please call us at (912) 884-3311.

The loan process can begin by applying online.

You applications will go directly to a loan officer at the Georgia Electric Membership Corporation Credit Union. It does not go to Coastal Electric Cooperative. The credit union will quickly make a decision on your loan. Usually the same day if it is a normal workday. When your loan is approved they will notify Coastal Electric and someone from Coastal will call to notify you of the approval and begin to work with you on the details of your home improvement. If the loan cannot be approved, the credit union loan officer will call you directly and follow up with a letter.

You may contact the Go Energy Financial Credit Union at (888) 959-7132.

Coastal Electric provides the following list of participating HVAC and home improvement and insulation contractors. The inclusion of a contractor on this list is not necessarily an endorsement of the contractor but it does mean the contractor is familiar with and agrees to participate in the loan process. The contractors listed here have also met our minimum requirements for being properly licensed, providing proof of liability insurance, maintaining a 24/7 on-call service and having a satisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau.

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