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Restoration Plan

Restoring power after a storm

In the aftermath of a major storm Coastal Electric:

  • Conducts a thorough damage assessment
  • Assigns our repair resources to the most critical areas to make them safe for the public and for our employees to continue working
  • Restores electrical service to the customers who provide health, safety and other essential services to your community.

These customer groups include:

    • Public services such as police and fire departments and medical facilities
    • Communications such as emergency radio systems, landline and cellular telephone systems and radio stations
    • Designated sewage pump and disposal plants and water supply utilities
  • Restores power lines that deliver power in the shortest period of time to the largest number of customers possible
  • Then Coastal Electric restores service to individual homes and businesses

Download the Steps to Restoring Power (PDF)

Help us restore power safely

  • Please be aware of our service vehicles parked along roadways.
  • Call Coastal Electric at 1-800-421-2343 to report outages and any unsafe conditions – sparking power lines. Stay away from these lines, as well as downed lines. You should always act as if a downed line is live.

Learn more about safety during a major outage or disaster

Keeping you informed

Follow us of Facebook at When your power is out and you’re not able to receive radio and television stations, your smartphone or tablet may be the best way to follow our power restoration progress. We will post frequently to Facebook and Twitter. And we will also provide service restoration updates to local radio, TV and newspapers and on this website to keep you informed of our progress.