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Considering Rooftop Solar? Call Before You Install

As your trusted energy advisor, Coastal Electric Cooperative can help you make smart energy investments, including right-sizing a rooftop solar installation to best meet your needs, goals and financial objectives. We can help you understand your current electricity use, the many important factors to consider with a rooftop solar installation and what you can expect to gain from your investment.

Review the resources on this page and call us at (800) 421-2343 to speak with one of our experienced energy advisors.

Rooftop Solar Resource Center

Is Rooftop Solar Right for You? Flyer

Is Rooftop Solar Right for You?

Ask yourself these questions to determine if a rooftop solar installation makes sense for your electricity needs and financial goals.

Rooftop Solar FAQ Flyer

Rooftop Solar FAQs

Your most commonly asked rooftop solar questions, answered.

Questions to Ask Rooftop Solar Installers Flyer

Questions to Ask a Solar Installer

From expected electricity generation to financing arrangement, be sure to ask a solar installer these important questions.

Get the Facts on Rooftop Solar Flyer

Be Aware: Get the Facts, Without the Fiction

Unfortunately, there has been a significant increase in reports of consumers being misinformed by some solar installers. Be cautious of these statements as you consider a rooftop solar installation.

Solar Options Flyer

Solar Options: Cooperative vs. Rooftop Solar

As a Coastal Electric Cooperative member, you have several options for solar energy, including our Cooperative Solar program and/or a rooftop solar installation. Learn the key differences.

6 Steps to Rooftop Solar

6 Steps to Rooftop Solar

Six important steps to take prior to a rooftop solar installation.

Cooperative Solar

The next generation of power is here


Coastal Electric Cooperative offers our customers the benefit of utility scale solar with NO UPFRONT COSTS and NO CONTRACTS. Our utility scale Cooperative Solar farms located in seven Georgia counties with millions of solar panels and thousands of acres gives Coastal Electric’s residential customers access to sustainable, maintenance-free solar energy without the hassles and costs associated with installing panels on their homes or businesses.

Coastal Electric’s Cooperative Solar Program allows you to choose the number of solar power blocks (limit 2 blocks or 4 kW)  that work best for your household or business and pay a fixed rate. The amount of energy produced by your solar blocks will appear on your monthly bill just as if you had rooftop solar panels.

Advantages of Cooperative Solar

  • Coastal Electric Cooperative operates and maintains the facility
  • Economies of scale bring costs down
  • No holes in your roof
  • No solar siting issues (roof direction, shading, etc.)
  • Renters can participate
  • Homeowners under restrictive covenants can participate

How to Participate in the Solar Project

Sign Up & Availability

You will be able to sign up for two blocks of solar electricity. Requests for more blocks will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Only residences served by our electric grid can participate.

Remember, no contracts, no commitments. You can opt-out at any time.

Pricing & Energy Production

Blocks of solar electricity are $25 each per month. Each block is equivalent to 2 kilowatts of solar panel capacity and is expected to produce about 400 kilowatt-hours of solar energy monthly. Energy output will vary due to the sun’s angle, the time of year, the number of cloudy days in the month and other factors.

How it Reflects on Your Bill

The top line on your electric bill will reflect the total amount of electricity (in kilowatt-hours) used at your home. A second line on your bill will show ‘Cooperative Solar Credit.’ That will be the amount of electricity produced by your 2 kW solar panels, for which you will have paid $25. Your solar credit is subtracted from the metered energy used at your home before your bill is calculated. If your solar block produces more kilowatt-hours than you use during your billing period, you will receive a credit for the excess.

No Contracts, No Commitments

You can discontinue your solar energy commitment at any time by notifying us. If you leave the program, Coastal Electric cannot guarantee there will be availability if you decide to rejoin. We will maintain a wait list for Members wishing to receive solar energy from our facility.

Solar Contractor? Installing at your own home?

If you’re a solar contractor or homeowner seeking to install solar panels at your home, you’ll need our Interconnect Agreement. Download and read this document first then if you have questions call (912) 884-3311 and ask for Jason Smith.

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